Mar. 14, 2021 Blumbers

The Last to Die

What can I say about being absent? For a year I have been trying not to be the last man on earth. After a year I almost got my wish and still have not gotten my shot.

I was beginning to think I would never cover another event. I would never eat in another restaurant or go see a movie in a theater. Now I watch movies on computers. I am still reading old fashioned books, but touching a magazine in a doctor’s waiting room? I’ll check my messages.

Sadly, I have lost people. I am chasing down a story about a guy who outlived his entire graduating class. It was a small school and they were kind of old but at least no one will try to sell him life insurance at the class reunion.

I cannot wait to get my shot. I have been dodging this thing for over a year and do not want to be the last guy to die from this thing. All this has given me a great idea for a play that anyone could perform, providing there is no restriction on people gathering.

To a better future.

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