Dec. 25, 2019 Gingerbread House Flip

December 1st

We took possession of our great aunt’s old gingerbread house today! It is old but has good bones.

December 2nd

Turns out the bones are from great aunt. Call funeral home.

December 3rd

Apparently a house made mostly of sugar attracts ants. Call pest control.

December 4th

Christmas lights from 1960s are not up to code. Fortunately all the asbestos helped contain the fire. Call fire department.

December 5th

Rats file lawsuit about lead paint. Call lawyers.

December 6th

Decorative pipes burst. There is icing everywhere. Call plumbers.

December 7th

Inspector finds foundation made of fruitcake. No one wants it.

December 8th

Gingerbread house eaten by raccoons. Insurance does not cover it.

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