Dec. 21, 2017 US Life Expectancy Falls Again

On Dec. 21,2017 NPR’s Rob Srein reported “Life Expectancy Drops Again” “I’m not prone to dramatic statements,” says Robert Anderson, chief of the mortality statistics branch at the National Center for Health Statistics. “But I think we should be really alarmed.””According to the latest analysis, U.S. life expectancy fell from 78.7 in 2015 to 78.6 in 2016. That follows a drop from 78.9 in 2014 that researchers hoped would be an aberration.”

“The decline of well-paying jobs with significant yearly salary increases, job security, and good benefits may be fueling a sense of frustration and hopelessness, Case says. That may be one reason fewer people are getting married and more people are having children outside of marriages, Case says.

“They don’t have a good job. They don’t have a marriage that supports them. They may have children that they do or don’t see,” Case says. “They have a much more fragile existence than they would have had a generation ago.”

As a result, “it may be the deaths from drugs, from suicide, from alcohol are related to the fact that people don’t have the stability and a hope for the future that they might have had in the past,” Case says.”

So this is what happened.

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