Nov. 25, 2017 Uneven Sea Level Rise

On Nov. 25, 2017 NPR’s Christopher Joyce reported “The Sea Level Threat To Cities Depends On Where The Ice Melts — Not Just How Fast” about  a new study from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. Eric Larour thinks the sea level will rise more in some places like New York and Washington DC than others. “What happens is when you change the mass of the ice, the modification itself makes the wobble change, and this in turn changes the shape of the ocean on the Earth.” National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s William Sweet said “Right here on the Severn River, we are somewhere that’s very likely to experience 25 to 50 percent more than the global average” of sea level rise.” “The land along Louisiana’s coast is sinking, for example, as are parts of the East Coast.” “So it really matters when you start planning … ‘I’m going to be prepared for one meter of sea level rise.’ Well, you might want to be prepared for four or five feet.”

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