Aug. 31, 2017 Newspaper Not

There is a reason why newspapers sales are falling. It is because you cannot buy one. Here is an example. I was on a road trip. I decided to take a break at a gas station. I saw they had a copy of a local newspaper. I support independent journalism so I got in line to buy one. The woman in front of me was buying a pack of cigarettes with her phone. She was unable to complete the transaction. After fifteen minutes, I asked if I could pay exact change for the newspaper. The clerk said he would have to scan the barcode on the paper and could not until the current transaction had completed. I got another copy of the paper put the exact change on the paper and said he scan it as soon as he was done testing that online purchasing software. At this point there was a line of angry customers stretching into the parking lot and a line of cars stretching down the highway as the customer and clerk fiddled with their phone. I edged out to my electric car and maneuvered it back onto the highway. I passed by the station a few days later. It was closed.

Note: Nevermind who is buying newspapers. Who is still buying or smoking cigarettes?

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