Aug. 30, 2017 Summer Reviews

Film and TV criticism is dead if not dying. The internet has made every film available to anyone who wants to be a critic. We are no longer in an age of limited runs. Now everything is on demand. Therefore I will not torture you with long boring reviews of films that did well at Cannes or on Netflix. I do not read them and neither should you. If you like the synopsis, then go watch it. If you do not, watch something else.

On the production side, there is a big push to develop a lot of mediocre content. Everyone seems to have moved from writing the Great American Novel to the Great American Screenplay. They have not realized that Internet is the medium of choice. It serves my long term purposes. No intermediaries. No barriers. No traditional constraints. And it will be here long after you are gone. How do you want to be remembered?

Note: Forest Grove OR?

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