Aug. 7, 2017 Google Women

On Aug. 7, 2017 Motherboard’s Louise Matsakis reported “Google Employee’s Anti-Diversity Manifesto Goes ‘Internally Viral” While the document itself contains the thoughts of just one Google employee (James Damore), the context in which they were shared—Google is currently being investigated by the Department of Labor for its gender pay gap and Silicon Valley has been repeatedly exposed as a place that discriminates against women and people of color—as well as the private and public response from its workforce are important.”

According to NPR’s Bill Chappell reporting in “Google Grapples With Fallout After Employee Slams Diversity Efforts”

  • Women make up 25 percent of the company’s leadership
  • Women hold 20 percent of technology jobs
  • Overall, 31 percent of Google’s employees are female
  • 56 percent of employees are white; 35 percent are Asian
  • 4 percent are Hispanic, 4 percent are mixed-race, and 2 percent are black

Google is not alone with this problem. The test for diversity is not reading public relations press releases, but direct observation. Walk into a company’s offices. How many women do you see? How many over forty in leadership? How many are making six figures? If it is not half the population, the company has some work to do. Start hiring women and pay them market rates.

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