Jul. 6, 2017 Involuntary Flag

A woman plans to go away for Independence Day. She lodges the pets. She closes and locks all the doors and windows. She cancels all deliveries and newspapers. She brings in the garbage cans. She turns on the burglar alarm and surveillance cameras. She goes on the trip. On the Fourth of July a real estate agent sticks one American flag with his sales materials on everybody’s lawn.  People that stayed home angrily go out and remove his unwanted ad. Since she is gone, the flag remains on her lawn. Burglars see this and correctly deduce that no one is home. The alarm goes off and notifies her and the police. The police show up, the burglars run away. The door is damaged. She wants to sue the real estate agent who placed her property at risk.

Copyright 2017 DJ Cline All rights reserved.