Jun. 9, 2017 Online Off Again

A friend had to mail a hardcopy application to a large company. Why put someone through the hoops like that? It sounded so absurd that I had to find out why. The answer I got was surprising. Twenty years ago you might have mailed a resume but it was more likely you would have applied online. There were fewer people online and your resume was more likely to be noticed. Now there are billions of people online. A company besieged with resumes and junkbots(tm) so companies just stop trying to deal with it. If you send a resume to a company no one is going to read it, not even a bot. We have created a giant complicated structure that is useless for job hunting. Instead, candidates are being considered the old fashioned way, through personal networks. People will still use social networks but only based on established relationships. As a by product of this investigation, one of my sources asked about and then hired my friend. Sometimes the old ways are best.

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