Jun. 2, 2017 American Dream Hoarders

On Jun. 2, 2017 NPR’s Steve Inskeep reported “Top 20 Percent Of Americans ‘Hoard The American Dream.” Brookings Institution’s Richard Reeves new book called “Dream Hoarders.” says the top twenty percent richest Americans get the best homes, schools and jobs.

Reeves said “I’ve come to believe that the dangerous separation of the American upper-middle class from the rest of society is a huge problem for politics because there’s a sense of a bubble, there’s a sense of people who are kind of making out pretty well from current trends and who are increasingly separate – occupationally, residentially, educationally and economically — from the rest of society. They are also disproportionately powerful and the fact that they are not only separate but unaware of the degree to which the system works in their favor strikes me as one of the most dangerous political facts of our time.”

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