Mar. 25, 2017 Silicon Valley Women

On Mar. 25, 2017 Liza Mundy of The Atlantic magazine wrote “Why is Silicon Valley So Awful To Women?”

Bethany Blount, co-founder and CEO of Cathy Labs experienced daily discrimination in Silicon Valley from slights to full on assaults. She helped form  Project Include with investor Susan Wu.

“Indeed, a recent survey called “Elephant in the Valley” found that nearly all of the 200-plus senior women in tech who responded had experienced sexist interactions.” Half of the US population is female but the number of computer science majors has been declining.  “The percentage of female computer- and information-science majors peaked in 1984, at about 37 percent. It has declined, more or less steadily, ever since. Today it stands at 18 percent.”

Major Silicon Valley companies have put on a great show for diversity, but they still are not hiring older women in statistically significant numbers. Most new hires are young and male. The environment is hostile to women. Companies need to do several things to fix this problem. First, start hiring women by tying bonuses to diversity hiring goals. Change your corporate culture so it is less like a gulag/thunderdome. Be aware of bias. Do not hire people you shared a dorm with in college. Do not ask people to write code on whiteboards. Do not tolerate people screaming at each other.  Stop being jerks.

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