Feb. 26, 2017 Blumbers

Uber Fowler

On. Feb 19, 2017 Susan J. Fowler recounted her experiences working at Uber. I recommend you read it here. While Fowler described her experiences as strange, I do not. Sadly, many workplaces have internal politics like Game of Thrones. A hostile environment geared toward short term gain is every where. If corporate culture is hard to change, a monoculture is nearly impossible. The solution seems to be to vote with your feet. Qualified professionals should keep moving until they find something better. Recruiters should recognize and take a chance on those candidates who did not settle for hostile incompetence.

There is an astounding lack of courage in Silicon Valley when it comes to hiring older women with technical skills. I am beginning to wonder if the fact that ninety percent of startups fail is because ninety percent of their staff are male. Company staff that resemble society in general, tend to succeed in the long run.

So if you are a high tech employer and see a candidate who has worked at several different companies, it might be they want something better and are looking at you. Be that better company and hire that better person.

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