Jan. 22, 2017 Blumbers

Sinking Feeling

Yesterday the streets were flooded with demonstrators and water. Neither is going away. Thirty foot waves are pounding the coast on a daily basis.

According to the BBC and NPR, last week an iceberg the size of Delaware began breaking off the Antarctic ice shelf. As it melts, the Millennial Tower in downtown San Francisco is sinking under its own weight. A castle built on sand. Home to the wealthy, the tower is a symbol of the Bay Area’s speculative real estate market and the price the poor can no longer pay. There are tens of thousands of homeless people walking down streets of empty houses. On weekends whole neighborhoods are as quiet as an abandoned movie set. Even people who thought they were wealthy are unable to stay. They thought they were safe from the process they encouraged. They are not.

They bragged about being disruptive when businesses closed. While I expected art galleries, bookstores and record stores to close, I did not expect fabric, camera or food stores to close. Restaurants close because the cannot pay their rent. You know things are bad when Walmart closes. It also affects public safety. Dentists, doctors and nurses are forced out. Police and firefighters move out. Eventually, there will be an earthquake. They may not get here in time.

Where will the next generation of Silicon Valley come from? Not from here. Schools close as teachers cannot afford to teach. The Tech Shop is moving out of its San Jose building for other digs.

I am looking for a silver lining. Maybe rising sea levels and property values forcing people away from the coasts will save more lives as the sea level rises.

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