Dec. 18, 2016 Blumbers

Voting Every Week

This is the time of year when I send out holiday greetings. It is always nice to hear from people you have met over the years. Rather than mail cards this year, I have diverted the budget to another project called voting every week.  This is an old school strategy of joining a letter writing campaign.

Democracy does not work unless you make it work. It requires more than voting every two years. It is part of a larger overall strategy for change. You still research online any legislation considered in Washington, but in addition to sending an email, you send old fashioned snail mail to the local offices.

Washington staffers ignore electronic and national letter writing campaigns, but the local staffers cannot ignore what might be a  constituent asking for help. Frankly, that is exactly what you are doing. The staff has to open them and read them.

The letters should be short and specific. For example:  You oppose House Bill 251 because you think children should not drink tap water with lead in it. End of message. Mail it.

Staffers tell me it has an effect over time. Now my Congressional reps and senators here in CA are good people, but the idea is to persuade not so friendly politicians with the weight of your words (literally).

If you send one letter a week to your rep and senators, that is only 150 letters and maybe 45 dollars in postage. This is precisely what the First Amendment and the Post Office were set up for.

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