Sep. 12, 2016 Going Sante Fe?


Going to Santa Fe? Bring your appetite to Little Anita’s and your night vision goggles to the very dark Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. If you cannot stay with friends or relatives try the La Fonda hotel. There is also an event in Santa Fe with a  website for that is a little tone deaf about genocide. See below:

“The scenery between Albuquerque and Santa Fe hasn’t changed much since Don Pedro de Peralta marched his army north along the Rio Grande and founded Santa Fe 400 years ago.”… ” The Indians ask train passengers to refrain from taking photos while passing through their pueblos.”

It seems like the colorful sales copy glosses over a historical tragedy. According to my research, Juan de Oñate y Salazar founded the Province of Santa Fe de Nuevo México, not Peralta. He also is responsible for the Acoma war of 1599 where hundreds of Native Americans were killed, mutilated or enslaved. Don Pedro de Peralta Ordóñez replaced Onate in 1609 but is also accused of abusing the captured natives that built Santa Fe. Also, I think the correct term is not Indian but Native American, or the particular tribal name if known. Apologists for atrocities like to say it happened a long time ago, but there is no statute of limitations for human rights violations. One way to fix this is to acknowledge wrongdoing. I hope whoever is charge of the event fixes this. Otherwise it will look like they and everybody involved approves of it. Human rights are for everyone. Past, present and future.

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