Sep. 4, 2016 Blumbers

The answer to more money in politics is putting in more voters. Vote.

And now a Labor Day story.

A few weeks ago I was waiting in the checkout line of a San Francisco department store. I walked up to the counter and saw a cashier in agony. I asked if she was okay. She explained that she had osteoarthritis and her job required her to stand. She was leaning against the counter but that did not help. She said her boss would not allow her to sit down.

I had a temporary solution. I asked her when unsold merchandise was put back on the racks. She said cashiers took it back at the end of their shifts. I walked back to housewares and brought back a barstool.  I told her I considered buying the barstool but decided not to buy it.

She could now sit down as she worked. If her boss gave her any trouble she could say it was a reasonable accommodation for disability. I cannot believe an employer who knew an employee was clearly disabled would allow them to suffer.

Her story is not unusual. She is sixty years old and works thirty hours a week for minimum wage. She drives all over Northern California to the store chain’s other locations. She is too young for Medicare and not paid enough to afford surgery. She supports expanding Medicare and will be voting in November.

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