Aug. 14, 2016 Blumbers


This is an unusual election year. It is like finding out your drunk uncle at Thanksgiving is not only voting but is also a candidate. If you have never voted, now is a good time to start. It is important that you vote.  I know you have a lot of crazy stuff in your life going on right now. If you want less crazy stuff, voting can help. It is time to get registered and vote.

In some places you can register to vote online or by mail, but I recommend the old fashioned way at a voter registration office. They are usually in the basement of a county courthouse. In most cases, you might have to show a valid photo ID like a drivers license. Find out if you can vote ahead of time at the courthouse instead of a local polling place. If not, check out where you will be voting, usually a school, library or firehouse. You might be able to vote by mail, this great because you can go online, research the issues and candidates and carefully fill out your ballot. When you are done, sign the ballot, seal the envelope and take it down to the courthouse or post office. I have seen elections be decided by one vote. That could be you.

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