Jun. 26, 2016 Blumbers


A young person asked me if it gets better. Yes, but we have to keep working to make it better. A few very unhappy people will never like you. Many more will like you. There may be quislings and kapos who betray you for short term gain, but it never ends well for them. Go online and be a constant reminder of their failure to make you disappear.  They will have to get used to you being everywhere all the time. Find people who agree with you. Organize. Create or join a community that will carry out your objectives after you are gone. Vote for people who agree with you. If you cannot find a candidate to vote for, then become the candidate. Be the change.

BTW: If you want a see a fascinating movie, check out Orlando starring Tilda Swinton. It will show you how to think long term. Also, there is a nice music video by Taylor Swift called Mean.

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