Feb. 28, 2016 Blumbers

Landslide Victory

It was seventy degrees at dawn and the cherry trees were in full blossom on Valentine’s Day. I finished posting my pictures of the president’s Silicon Valley visit and walked down to the beach. Part of the bluff that supported all the houses had given way in a landslide. This natural erosion process was more common as the tides and overall sea level rose. The night before, some kids from nearby mansions started a bonfire near that spot. They jumped up and down, hollering all night, but they could not dance on the edge forever. I wondered if too many people in one spot had triggered the landslide. I wondered if the kids knew that their houses were built on sand and that the ocean would soon wash them away. The party was definitely over. If you can see the ocean, you are too close. Nature wins in a landslide victory.


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