Sep. 8, 2015 Beta Soft Systems

On Sep. 4, 2015 KNTV’s NBC Bay Area News Investigative Unit reporters Vicky Nguyen,  Elizabeth Wagner and  Jeremy Carroll posted a story about a company called Beta Soft Systems. The ten-year-old, twenty-million dollar company is supposed to help job seekers “But some jobseekers are warning that Beta Soft takes deposits for career training, crafts fake resumes for trainees and instructs them to lie to potential employers about their work experience.” This news makes it harder for people with real experience to get jobs in Silicon Valley.

All this should make you suspicious if a recruiter wants your complete job history, education, birthdate and social security number. Be wary of any recruiter wanting you to pay to get a job.

Incompetent employees are hired by an incompetent managers. Managers have to use their best judgement to ask the right questions. Of course, putting candidates through a grueling technical interview is not a good idea either. It chases away talent. One candidate felt like a contestant on Jeopardy and wondered if they did not get the job they would at least get a home version of the game. They got hired by a competitor who asked reasonable questions.

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