Sep. 2, 2015 Monster Strollers

You can always tell the kids that did not have strollers. They have one arm longer than the other because they were dragged around by their parents. For millions of years kids learned to walk very early in life because otherwise they would be left behind. Had evolution continued without interruption, most humans would be able to tie their shoes without bending over.

The Industrial Revolution changed that. A hundred years ago in London you would see nannies pushing large perambulators or “prams” containing the future leaders of Britain. Fifty years ago you would see baby boomer babies being pushed around in smaller and cheaper strollers. Now strollers are the size of golf carts. Any larger and they would need their own license plates and trailer hitches to drag them to the mall. They are Conestoga wagons with extra diapers. At some point they will be big enough for adults.

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