Jul. 27, 2015 Zombie HOA 1

Dear Resident:

It has come to the attention of the Sunnyfield Estates Homeowner’s Association that some residents have been eating other residents. This violates the HOA agreement as seen on page 5. It has also come to our attention that recently there have been a large number of visitors wandering the property. Visitors must register at the security office upon entering and leaving. If you see any suspicious activity do not call our office and scream about zombies in an unprofessional manner. Contact the authorities. Complaints can be made by visiting our website when the power and internet service is restored. The cable company said it will schedule repairs, but residents will need to be home between the months of February and April. Until then, all correspondence must be sent by registered mail, providing postal service is renewed.


Clewlissa Finch, Property Manager

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