Jul. 26, 2015 Blumbers

Big 20: Social Networking

Twenty years ago, if you kept a list of contacts it was probably on a rolodex. If you were cutting edge you kept it on a computer. You could use a phone book or public directory and call or write them a letter of introduction. If you wanted to meet someone in person you had to ask someone you know and they would refer you to a series of people until you finally met the person you wanted. It was not perfect and could be awkward.

At first, the internet reflected this traditional networking. The rise of social networking allowed you to contact people directly. It was faster but could be just as awkward. Still, social media allowed millions of people to maintain a presence online without having to develop the expertise of running their own website. The good news is that people met online and got jobs or even got married. The drawbacks were a loss of privacy and social media companies using personal information to make money without properly compensating the users.

Today you may have the contact information of thousands of people but you may never have met.

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