Jul. 19, 2015 Blumbers

Big 20: Phone Books

Twenty years ago if you wanted to call somebody and did not know the phone number you had two options. You could dial an operator and ask for information. They could give you the number or just dial it for you. The second option was to look it up in a local phone book. Depending on the city, the books were usually several hundred pages of tissue paper containing thousands of names and phone numbers. There were two kinds of books, the white pages and yellow pages. The white pages contained an alphabetical list of all businesses and individual phone numbers. The yellow pages consisted of alphabetically arranged advertisements for business categories like painters, plumbers and printers. Phone books were very useful directories if you moved into a new town and did not know anyone.

The internet killed the phone book. Ten years ago, if you wanted to call someone, you looked them up with a search engine like Google and maybe sent an email. Now you would just text them.

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