Jul. 18, 2015 Online University

A potential employer asked a candidate if their degree was from an online university. In fact, the candidate attended the college the old fashioned way. It turned out that the employee had an almost identical academic background and was worried about competing with someone who had more hands on experience. It was meant as an insult, but brings up an important point.

Education has gone through significant changes over thousands of years. You used to learn from the people in your tribe. Two thousand years ago, wealthy Athenians would pay philosophers like Aristotle to tutor their kids. A thousand years ago wealthy British would send their kids to Oxford or Cambridge. A hundred years ago, Americans would send their kids to Harvard. Today you can get a degree online, sometimes from a major university.

Employers need to recognize the realities of getting an education these days. As before, they must differentiate between an an accredited university and a diploma mill. It is just that they are both online.

In the end it is not where they went but what they know. I know people who went to famous colleges who are complete idiots. I know people who never graduated from high school who are geniuses. Evaluate the person and not the degree.

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