Jun. 20, 2015 Breaking Bad Finale

A high school chemistry teacher trying to make ends meet. He is raising a child with special needs and his wife is pregnant. Soon he is diagnosed with cancer and wants to provide for his family. His solution is to use his technical skills to make money. There could have been any number of different storylines. In one of them, Walter White could have become politically active and campaigned for higher pay for public school teachers, health care reform for everyone or family leave for parents with special needs. His struggle to help others through a corrupt process would have been dramatic and inspiring. He could have used his skills to create or encourage others to find a cure. Instead he goes on crime spree destroying the lives of countless people. Too often when people who do horrible things say they do it for their children, while destroying someone else’s. White does not do that. He says he did it because he wanted to, because he was good at it. I had not seen that before. No excuses. He owned up to it and then he died, but he could have lived and died differently.

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