Jun. 18, 2015 TV Finales

I used to review television shows. It is rare now. I have a rule about watching and reviewing the first and last episodes of a television series. For a long time, American television networks wanted at least a hundred episodes for syndication. This led to hundreds of mediocre episodes. British television took a different approach. They would make a dozen or so quality episodes and stop. Now, no matter the country of origin, the internet makes it possible to binge watch an entire series. I do not have time for that.

If the first episode is promising, I might fast forward through later episodes. If it is really good, I might watch it in real time. You can judge the cinematography by turning the sound off. You can judge the music by closing your eyes and just listening. You can judge the writing by reading the closed captioning.

It is time to post reviews based on series that interested me.

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