May 2, 2015 Heather Armstrong

I am told by many people that Heather Armstrong of Dooce is quitting her long running blog. I do not know her. Never read her blog. It is news because lots of other bloggers are quitting too. People are quitting all over the place. David Letterman is quitting. Jon Stewart is quitting. Craig Ferguson already quit. Perhaps it is a generational thing.

I used to send out printed newsletters. At some point I quit because the web was better a way of reaching an audience. I don’t aim for an audience of millions. No matter what the medium, I write for an audience of one. You. Maybe you were reading Heather Armstrong, but I know you are reading this.

Carry on and keep blogging.

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One thought on “May 2, 2015 Heather Armstrong”

  1. That would be a pity, but she’s been blogging for a long time, she’s paid her dues for sure and the web’s done fair by her I think. Knowing how creative she is I doubt it’s the last we’ll see or hear of her. I hope anyway.

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