Aug. 11, 2014 Robin Williams Remembered

Robin Williams was found dead yesterday in his Tiburon home.

I first saw Robin Williams back in the early 1970s near Pier 39 in San Francisco. He was a very observant and incredibly strong street performer. I suspect that those days were in an education. There were all sorts of people walking the streets, struggling with all sorts of problems. He knew that he was not far from their suffering. Fortunately for him, the world recognized his extraordinary abilities more than his disabilities. Later I saw him perform nearby at the Boardinghouse. He took the beret off his head and held it out limply and called it Salvador Dali’s “The Persistence of Frisbee.” It was a surreal take on a surreal artist. Squared. Cubed. Brilliant.

He was incredibly prolific. People still watch his TV show. On average he made two films a year. He appeared on stages thousands of times around the world.

It makes you wonder what genius we are missing as we walk down a San Francisco street from our corporate bus to our gentrified townhouse, checking our phones for the latest stock bump or tax break and stepping over a homeless disabled person on the sidewalk. What genius are we missing that could make not just our lives but everyone’s life better? If we are so smart, why can’t we see their genius?

To those who are suffering, I quote Robin’s best performance. “It’s not your fault.” Copyright 2014 DJ Cline all rights reserved.