Jun. 15, 2014 Blumbers

Archival Arrival

The digital archive project I started at the beginning of this year has taken on major proportions. As one friend said, “I cannot believe one person took all these pictures.” They are now safely backed up in various places along with previously unreleased content. It will be released Hari Seldon style.

The next stage will be analog files and film from the twentieth century. These are extraordinary images of a vanished world. Once properly digitized, they will be archived as well.

This does not leave much time for taking new pictures, but what more can I do? I have photographed just about everybody in Silicon Valley twice. I am reminded of The Door’s Jim Morrison. When an Ed Sullivan TV show flunkie warned Morrison about his behavior, was told he would never appear on the show again. “We just DID the Ed Sullivan Show.” Been here, done that. It will have to be something special for me to show up. I can’t take any more pictures of Steve Jobs, but I would love to have a picture of the next Steve Jobs.

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