May 11, 2014 Blumbers


Sterling Reputation

Robert Sterling owned a basketball team. His girlfriend allegedly recorded him saying some terrible things in private. Some people have tried to make excuses for him by saying he was 88 years old. Frankly it means that he has had 88 years to learn to be a better person. Extreme wealth can isolate you from the changes going on in this world. Get out more often. Try to unlearn whatever you were carefully taught.

This case brings up another point. In California, you should not record another person without their knowledge or consent. It is a good way to wind up in court. As a journalist, it is pretty obvious when you walk up to someone what you are doing. You identify who you are. You wear a badge around you neck or a name tag. You usually are carrying a large visible camera. You ask their permission. You exchange contact information. People know and have the opportunity to respond or correct their statements.

I see potential trouble with Google Glass and other devices. It should be clear that people are being recorded. Perhaps a red blinking light on the device to indicate recording or transmitting. Certainly an announcement that it is about to take place. I’m curious as to how this will work out.

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