Remembering Holly And Howard

I have worked with thousands of people. A few of them stand out and I wanted to tell everyone my life is better for knowing them.

Years ago I worked with two amazing people, Holly and Howard. They worked at a company that has since been bought by one company and then another. It was Holly who introduced us to the television show Mystery Science Theater 3000. Everyday at lunch we would crowd into a conference room and watch a VHS tape on a big tube television the size of a hundred gallon aquarium. The movies were mostly bad science fiction movies from the 1950s, the kind where teen agers fight radioactive monsters. The hosts of the show would make funny remarks about the movie, like the fact that the teen ager actors were in their early thirties. I never laughed so hard. Holly is now retiring from that company. Whatever its current name is, and I am sure that everyone there will miss her as much as I do.

Howard taught me about jazz. He studied it in college and had worked as a professional musician. It was fun to go through a record store and have Howard recommend what he considered the best examples of a particular artist. Later I would sit at my computer trying to recreate a full color three dimensional view of an extruded plastic part. Howard would be standing next to me telling me a story about Miles Davis as we listened to “Kind of Blue.” Howard went on to record his own music, and I treasure listening to it. He died a few months ago and musicians from all over talked about what it was like to perform with him.

Wherever they are or go, I wish them well.

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