Jan. 19, 2014 Blumbers


No Smoking Era

This is the fiftieth anniversary of the US Surgeon General’s report on the dangers of tobacco and that smoking is hazardous to your health. It means that if you are under fifty years old and smoke, you either ignored the finding or have been lighting up in a fallout shelter. Don’t smoke. Don’t start using tobacco products. You will live longer. The people around you will live longer. Even other living creatures will live longer.

I say this because I know people who care for injured wildlife. They regularly find used cigarettes in animals they try to save. The toxic chemicals find their way into already stressed ecosystems. Also, throwing used and burning cigarettes out the window of your vehicle can cause wildfires that risk lives, property and of course fragile ecosystems.

Not smoking can be a good investment. I know people who will not buy a house if the previous residents smoked in it. They test for the presence of the dangerous chemicals and then pass on the house. Also, the money you spend on expensive tobacco could be spent on the grandchildren you might live to see.

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