Jan. 1, 2014 Events To Attend


Here are some events you might want to attend. Check with the respective organizations for more information.

Date: Jan. 8, 2014

Org: SVForum

Topic: 2014: The Breakout Year for Wearable Tech?

Speaker: Kevin Lloyd, Co-Founder, Whistle

Venue: Qualcomm Inc., Building B, 3165 Kifer Road, Santa Clara  California  95051

Date: Jan. 9, 2013

Org: STC East Bay

Topic: Google Glass and Augmented Reality

Speaker: Marta Rauch, Oracle

Venue: Mimi’s Cafe, 4775 Hacienda Dr Dublin, CA 94568

Date: Jan. 14, 2014

Org: STC San Diego

Topic: How to Do More with Less

Speaker: Lin Laurie

Venue: Elijah’s La Jolla — 8861 Villa La Jolla Drive, La Jolla, Ca 92037

Date: Jan. 15, 2014

Org: STC San Francisco

Topic: Social Collaboration: How User-Added Content Enhances Your Documentation

Speaker: Jennifer White, MadCap Software

Venue: Hub SoMa at 901 Mission St, Ste 105, San Francisco CA

Date: Jan. 16, 2014

Org: STC Willamette Valley

Topic: Visual Thinking and Visual Storytelling

Speaker: Nancy Wirsig McClure, Explanagraphics

Venue: Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), 121 NW Everett St, Portland, OR 97209

Date: Jan. 18, 2014

Org: STC Berkeley

Topic: Annual Party and Touchstone Awards

Speaker: Touchstone Award Winners

Venue: Highlands Country Club,110 Hiller Drive, Oakland, California

Date: Jan. 21-22, 2014


Topic: Web and Mobile Strategies for DITA

Speaker: Hal Trent

Venue: Adobe Headquarters, San Jose, CA

Date: Jan. 21, 2014

Org: STC Puget Sound

Topic: Competition Showcase

Speaker: STC Puget Sound Showcase Competitors

Venue: Swedish Cultural Center, 1920 Dexter Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98109

Date: Jan. 25, 2014 

Org: TC Camp (http://www.tccamp.org/venue/)

Topics: Workshops in Adobe, Analytics, Content Quality, Responsive Design, Structured Authoring Workshop

Speakers: Ben Colburn, Val Swisher, Yas Etessam, Linda Urban, Joan Lasselle, Eric Armstrong, Scott Abel

Venue: Hospitality Management Building, Mission College, 3000 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Date: Jan. 25, 2014 

Org: STC Orange County

Topics: Make Your Move in 2014 with LinkedIn

Speaker: Greg Johnson, Above The Rim

Venue:  Concordia University, 1530 Concordia, Irvine, CA 92612

Date: Jan. 27, 2014 

Org: STC Silicon Valley Chapter (www.stc-siliconvalley.org/)

Topic: How Technical Communicators Can Thrive in Agile

Speaker: Gavin Austin, Salesforce.com

Venue: IHOP Restaurant 4200 Great America Pkwy. c/s Mission College Blvd. Santa Clara, CA 95054

Date: Feb. 8, 2014 

Org: STC Silicon Valley Chapter (www.stc-siliconvalley.org/)

Topic: API Workshop

Speaker: Jim Bisso, DataStax

Venue: Nimble Storage, Inc., 211 River Oaks Parkway, San Jose CA 95134

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