Dec. 22, 2013 Blumbers


Happy Winter Solstice! Time to line up the rocks.

People move to San Francisco for the mild weather, but sometimes it gets cold. You can tell approximately when someone moved to Silicon Valley by the coat they wear during a cold snap. The other day I saw someone wearing a tan corduroy trenchcoat with leather buttons the size of doorknobs and wide lapels that stretched out to the shoulders. I asked when he had arrived in Silicon Valley and he said in his best Ron Burgundy voice “1979.” Since then I have seen Members Only jackets from the 1980s, goose down jackets from the 1990s and many neoprene fleece combos from the dotcom boom. The coat racks at the Holiday parties look like sartorial tree rings.

This brings up a point, If you can’t give someone a home for the holidays, you might give up one of your old coats. Help someone else stay warm.

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