Nov. 10, 2013 Blumbers


No Agencies Please

People tell me job hunting horror stories. Employers who try to fill jobs tell me horror stories. Both of them point to one particular problem: employment agencies behavior. That is why you often see job postings that say “No Agencies Please!” There are good candidates wanting to work for good employers but are blocked by short-sighted agency policies. In trying to make every penny, they will lose every dollar.

I hope there are good agencies out there, but that is not what I am hearing. Some want ridiculous profit margins. The profits should look like Main Street, not Wall Street.

Some don’t really hire people at all, but want to data mine all your information and sell it to brokers, or worse. Never give out personal information like where you went to school or graduated, social security numbers or dates of birth, not even partial numbers. Not only do you have to worry about identity theft, they will have to worry about age discrimination.

Some want you to sign restrictive, unreasonable agreements. Avoid non-compete clauses and punitive fees. Ask for complete copies of all documents for review by legal professionals. Avoid exclusive “right to represent” agreements. Get a job offer with the rate and dates spelled out in writing. Only after the job offer should a background check start.

Some lack the basic communication or people skills. Recruiters should hire people who speak clearly and at a reasonable rate. Use a real phone line instead of VOIP or Skype to show some class. Check your time zones and know if you are calling at a reasonable hour. If the candidate is not interested and asks you not to call again, don’t keep calling.

Fortunately technology has created a way around all this. One retired recruiter told me that social networking makes agencies less relevant. If an employer or candidate wants to know what someone is like, they can check their online profiles and contact them directly.

With their current behavior, there may soon be no agencies at all.

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