Oct. 27, 2013 Blumbers


Social Ghosts

A young man found a great book by someone. He went on social media and tried to contact the author, but got no reply. He saw that I was connected to the author and wanted to know if I could get a message to them. What the young man did not know was that the author had died some years ago. He was sad that the author passed but grateful they had written such a useful book.

This story brings up an issue we will have to deal with going forward. Most social media does not check if somebody is dead and remove their postings. In a way, it is a form of memorial or immortality. There are even some people who have deadman switches set to post messages when they die. As long as there is a machine to host, there will be a ghost online.

Think about that tonight, as you put that pumpkin on your porch.

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