Fraley’s Fun Magnets


I just got a sneak peek at the funny buttons that Liz Fraley of Single Sourcing Solutions will be handing out at the upcoming LavaCon in Portland, Oregon. See if you can get the Eric Clapton reference in the pictures below. Also, there are two TC Dojo webinars in the next few days:

TC Dojo Open Session: Discover the Hidden Treasure of Dynamic Product Information
14 Oct 2013
The information about your products or services should be at the front of the line leading the way for increased market share. In order to do this, the value of the information needs to be recognized by the top level executives.
TC Dojo Arbortext Edition: Creating Cool Covers
24 Oct 2013
Everyone wants a great cover on their documents. Creating cool covers and nice-looking title pages don’t need to be done in another tool, you can do that right in Styler!  In this session, we’ll show you how to break down a page and create the regions you need to create the cover you desire!
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