Jul. 22, 2013 SVForum Machine Learning


On July 22, 2013 in Palo Alto at SAP, ACM, The Hive and SVForum co-hosted “Machine Learning as a Service.” David Steier of Deloitte moderated panelists Subutai Ahmad of Grok Solutions, Andy Bartley of Algorithms.io, Sashikanth Chandrasekaran of SnapAnalytx and David Gerster of BigML. They talked about new services using machine learning platforms in the cloud. They are easier to use and can give new insights from previously unavailable data. Special thanks to the volunteers from all three organizations who made this happen.

Ahmad Subutai Bartley Andy Chandresekaran Sashikanth Christensen Pashu Gerster David Makowski Greg ORorke Paul Sokolsky Alex Steier David

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