Jun. 30, 2013 Blumbers


Future Reference Anniversary

This an anniversary of sorts. Early subscribers remember my monthly newsletters and emails. Some may remember my early website, but most know me by this current website. Doug Wray, the renown web guru designed it back in the spring of 2006 and has updated it ever since. Everyday for the past few years there has been something new on this site. I do it because I enjoy it and others do too.

There were lots of book and movie reviews in those days, but people really liked the reviews of events. They wanted pictures and they got them. I roughly estimate I have photographed at least ten thousand people. Sometimes the best way to get the big picture is to take a lot of little ones.

Since this latest incarnation of the website, the rise of social media offered a way for people to have an online presence without the hassle of building a website, but there is a tradeoff. You can put all your content on social media, but you won’t own it anymore. So while social media companies rise and fall, this website remains a constant reminder for future reference.

Here for the foreseeable and unforeseeable future. Get used to it.

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