May 19, 2013 Blumbers

Google Glasses

Google’s event in San Francisco last week had lots of people wearing those Google glasses. People were taking pictures just by winking and uploading them, including the restrooms! Obviously some details need to be worked out.

As a photojournalist I have some guidelines. There is nothing subtle about how I take pictures. I photograph people in public places. I have a camera around my neck. I usually introduce myself as a member of the press and ask if I can take their picture. Since they are attending a public event to be seen, they usually agree. If not, I move on. There are lots more people to meet.

I don’t post every picture I take. I try to edit out the closed eyes, open mouths and awkward expressions. I am trying to take this best possible picture of you with the equipment and time available. Sadly, there will be day when you won’t be around anymore, and your family may want a good picture of you. Hopefully I will have it.

Google Glasses take pictures but it seems more like surveillance than art. At this rate, we may create a transparent society that nobody is ready for. I am hoping for a reasonable solution.

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