Apr. 25, 2013 WCA 5G Backhaul Beast

wcalogoSangam Prakesh Siffferman Steve Walther Peter Wells Jonathan Witkowski David copy

On April 25, 2013 in Santa Clara at Qualcomm, WCA CenterStage presented “Feeding the Beast – The Road to 5G Backhaul.” David Witkowski of Anritsu moderated panelists Prakash Sangam of Qualcomm, Steve Sifferman of Tarana Wireless, Peter Walther of  Antcor and Jonathan Wells of AJIS Consulting. If you are struggling to get coverage with your 4G device, wait until billions of people upgrade to 5G. Meeting the demand requires optimizing metro cells, small cells and femto cells, fiber optics and microwaves. Even with these steps, the backhaul may require an overhaul of regulations to make 5G economically feasible and available to most people.

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