Apr. 10, 2013 SVForum Mobile Money

SVFlogoBell RobertLehot Louis Preena Poojitha Purushotham Arvind

On Aprill 10, 2013 in Palo Alto at Cooley LLP, SVForum’s Main event was “What Payment Could Become.” Louis Lehot of Cooley LLP moderated panelists Robert Bell PassportFX/KlickEx, Poojitha Preena of MessageMe and Arvind Purushotham of CitiVentures. They discussed the continuing growth of mobile payments internationally and the progress in America. There has been a rise in devices like Square and NFCs along with coupons and loyalty passes at Starbucks. Old style credit and debit cards still have advantages and disadvantages. They do not require batteries and are less prone to damage but are vulnerable to fraud. Phones offer more security features but have regulatory and platform issues. Overall, the trend is toward phones and a cashless future. Will mobile money be like cash: trusted, anonymous and non-proprietary? The future is still out on the wireless wallet(tm).

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