The Finish

The Killing Of Osama Bin Laden

By Mark Bowden

Brought to you by the man who wrote Black Hawk Down. Not a single photograph in the book. It does have a broader overview of presidential policy and actions over several administrations. The decision to kill him is based on the continued threat. In order for there to be closure, the bad guys that harmed so many people over a decade ago had to be found and killed. You would think that knowing people wanted them dead, they might have good motive to change. Perhaps UBL could have apologized, recanted earlier statements and spent that fortune compensating for the damage done, but that clearly was not going to happen. So…

Finding him required a new level of cooperation not only between the military and the intelligence community but with Silicon Valley. Apparently somewhere out there is a woman with extraordinary database skills who figured it all out. The enemy was hiding in a big house in the suburbs with kids that actually gave it away. The book details all the deliberations on various strategies to kill Bin Laden, including using a small drone and even smaller missile, but the goal was a verifiable kill.

In the end it was necessary to go in and bring back his body to remove any doubt.

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