Mar. 18, 2013 STC Joseph Devney

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On Monday, March 18, 2013 at the IHOP Restaurant in Santa Clara, the STC Silicon Valley chapter hosted forensic linguist and STC Associate Fellow Joseph Devney’s presentation “Unhappy Customers are Just the Beginning: Potential Costs of Poor or Missing Documentation.” Devney used real-life examples to illustrate some of the dangers of inadequate documentation, and give tips on avoiding them.

The economy continues to improve. Chapter vice president Dave Hovey mentioned job openings at Marvell.

The next STC Silicon Valley chapter meeting will be on Monday April 15, 2013 at Harry’s Hofbrau 1909 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA 94063 (650) 366-3733. Richard Smith, a senior technical writer at Netflix will present “Introduction to Documenting APIs.”

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