Mar. 15, 2013 BayBrazil GABA SVForum Women


On March 15, 2013 in Campbell at eBay, Margarise Correa of BayBrazil, Linda Cleary of GABA-Women in Business, and Francine Gordon of SVForum’s WITI partnered to present “Global Women’s Journey.” Shana Lynch, Managing Editor of the Silicon Valley Business Journal moderated panelists Sylvie Leotin, President of Tech Atelier, Nayla Rizk, Partner and Senior Director at Spencer Stuart, Anna N Schlegel,  Director of Globalization Strategy at NetApp and Marie Tahir, VP of Mobile Design at eBay. Among the topics discussed were women in business like Facebook ‘s Sheryl Sandberg and Yahoo’s Marissa Meyer, in politics like Germany’s Angela Merkel and Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff. Despite this progress at the top, over the next ten years over a billion women will need education and capital to enter the labor market and raise themselves and their communities out of poverty.

Eduardo Henrique was also there to play Brazilian music.

Ekaterina Simeonova also attended this event. While consenting to be photographed, the picture has been removed from this site.

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