Feb. 26, 2013 SVForum Year In Review


On February 26, 2013 in Palo Alto at Pillsbury, SVForum presented Quarterly Venture Breakfast “2012 The Year In Review.” Allison Leopold Tilley of Pillsbury moderated panelists Steve Bengston of PwC, Josh Breinlinger of Sigma West and Sharon Wienbar of Scale Venture Partners. They discussed the rise of San Francisco’s startup community, bigger VCs doing bigger deals and how software is eating the world. Also, Compared to VCs, angels may not have the resources to support startups through hard times.

Bengston Steve Breinlinger Josh Chizick Jonathan Fullmer Jessie Hindus Debbie Iwamura Kimihiko Keys Phillip LeopoldTilley Allison Su JB Tipimeni Srinivas Tripier Jean Wienbar Sharon Yu Benjamin

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