Jan. 27, 2013 Blumbers

Help Unwanted

It was revealed in legal action this week that some high tech firms had gentleman’s agreements not to poach each others’ employees. It is strange to hear captains of industry talk about market forces attracting the best talent and then discover them trying to subvert it. One the great things about Silicon Valley was supposed to be your ability to walk across the street and get a better job.

On the other end of the scale are companies nobody wants to work for. They have ads on websites all the time. They spam anybody on their mailing lists. One of their representatives showed up at an event and essentially begged for resumes. They even asked former employees to come back. They burned through so many people that the company has to go further and further afield to find anyone who has not heard of them. They cannot even place people in popular outsourcing countries.

They discovered too late that there are only so many talented people with a special set of skills and passion. How will these companies get out of their predicament? Make things right with people or lose their edge and close their doors. Good people don’t just cost more, they are priceless.

Until then they need to put up a “Help Unwanted” sign.

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