Dec. 30, 2012 Blumbers

A Very Good Year

It was a good year. I met many of my personal and professional goals. I was grateful to be recognized with the Touchstone award and named Fellow by STC and Senior Fellow by SVForum. I hope to keep learning about the world changing around us.

This website continues to serve its purposes. I have photographed thousands of people and created hundreds of banners this year alone. I have been asked to keep writing more funny stories. Everyday you will see something new. I will not rule out using other social media to get the word out, but it will have to be worth the effort.

Thanks to what I learned this year at the Human Document Project at Stanford, everything I’ve done will be available for a very very long time.

Until then, I will continue to be a restless spirit and keep right on going.

“Where we will we’ll roam.” – from Hoist The Colours

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