Dec. 16, 2012 Blumbers

Remembering Richard Taylor

My friend Richard Taylor passed away last October. It has taken me this long to write about him. What follows is the formal information followed by a personal funny story about him.

Richard Taylor was the Senior Software Developer at SenSage Inc. a startup company that develops Enterprise Security Analytics software. Before that he was he was the Architect for the IBM Red Brick Data Warehouse, Informix, Red Brick Systems, Data-Cache, and DEC in various database development positions. Taylor was also a dedicated member of SDForum. He was a founding chairman for the Business Intelligence SIG and also worked on the website and Kitchen Cabinet committees to create the new SVForum. He was a very good friend to many of us.

The Funny Story

In the early days, the Business Intelligence SIG met at a community center, the kind of place that usually has nice quiet yoga classes. Our speaker was just beginning to explain a complex way to analyze unstructured or big data when the singing began.

This was not your average quiet folk singing. It was loud. Really loud. It was so loud I expected dolphins off the coast of Monterrey and dogs in Portland could hear it.

Richard looked at me and I left to find the source. I went down the hall and looked in the window of a door and saw a woman dressed up with her spear and magic helmet rehearsing Wagner with some guy playing a piano. I stepped away from the window, worried that it might break if she hit a particularly high note. She was probably very good, but to my untrained ear it sounded like a Teutonic car alarm.

I returned to the SIG meeting and stood next to Richard standing in the back of the room. I scribbled in my notepad for him to see:

“She is singing about the end of her world. It looks like a case of SIG versus Sigfried.”

He looked up at our speaker struggling to be heard over the singing and showing slide after slide of complex equations and formulas. He took my pen and notepad and scribbled back:

“Math versus Myth.” and then added “I wonder what HER slides are like?”

I laughed so hard that I could be heard over the singing. The singing stopped.

I learned that night that it is not over when some lady sings, it is just the beginning. You keep right on going and eventually she stops. Richard’s work building a community led to a better understanding of big data analytics and the world around us. He is missed but his work will go on.

Additional Comments:

Jonathan Baer “A real loss for his family, friends and the community.”

Joe Jasin “I cherish the note.”

Ron Lichty “Great story. Richard was a dedicated contributor to our community. And he was also always such a source of good cheer.”

Kim Murray “I love this story!!!!  It really captures, how special Richard was – and his subtle sense of humor. I remember being in that same room at an event, when he came in with a broken toe, from dropping a bowling ball on his foot. He was always so engaged in so many activities – and so funny and so passionate about his work and family.”

Kimberly Wiefling “Beautiful, DJ. Thank you for taking time to share this with us.” –

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  1. Condolences DJ. It’s always a terrible thing when one of our ‘lighthouses’ goes dark. It literally changes the course of our lives. Thank YOU for being one of the brightest lights that I steer by. Sending Light your way this day and all others.

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